White Horse Theatre zu Gast am GGM

Das White Horse Theatre ist seit fast 20 Jahren einmal jährlich am GGM zu Gast. Dabei werden 2 bis 3 Stücke gespielt, die auf die Sprachkompetenzen unserer Schülerinnen und Schüler abgestimmt sind. Der nächste Auftritt ist für Januar 2020 geplant


Rückblicke: Das englischeTheaterstück

„Fear in the Forest“

 Am 22.01.2015 sahen sich einige Klassen des GGMs ein Theaterstück von der WHITE HORSE COMPANY an.

Das Theaterstück hieß „Fear in the forest“, zu deutsch heißt das „Angst im Wald“. Es ging um ein Mädchen namens Josie, die im Wald einen Platten auf dem Fahrrad bekam. Sie musste nun wohl oder übel in einem gruseligem Hotel schlafen. Allerdings waren die Betreiber gemeine Diebe und wollten Josies Wertsachen stehlen. Es war ein sehrgruseliges aber auch lustiges Theaterstück.

Lisa Lukian 6d


The Play “Drinking for Dummies“

I would like to summarize the play “Drinking for Dummies” which was written by Peter Griffith.

There are only four characters in the play. Their names are Jack, Tamsin, Barney and Zola. They are all dealing with peer pressure and with the topic alcohol. The set was unspectacular, but was adapted to each scene with details like a dummy, a geography book and so on.

In the beginning all the actors were presented by each other. We got to know the different characters.

  • Jake
  • He has a girlfriend, who is called Tamsin. He always has to show what he has and he dares everyone.
  • In my opinion, the parents are not very interested in Jake. His father also drinks a lot. A good friend of Jake is Barney. They go together to the fitness studio.
  • Tamsin
  • She has a boyfriend, who is named Jake. She knows how Jake is, but she can handle it.
  • Barney
  • Barney is the contrast to his friend Jake.
  • He is shy and has nothing to do with girls. Still, he falls in love with Zola.
  • Zola
  • She is new and does not know anyone. She falls in love with Barney, but she never had a boyfriend before.

On their first day back in school Barney falls in love with Zola. He is too shy and so he asks Jake for advice. He would like to know how to make a good impression on Zola and how he should speak to her. As Jake can deal well with girls, he helps his friend and tries to encourage him.

At the same time Zola has got the same problem. She also falls in love with Barney, but she is also too shy to do anything. Tamsin advises Zola that she should speak to boys in her class.

On another day Barney meets Zola at the bus stop.

The bus arrives and Barney and Zola enter the bus to go home. On the way home Barney tries to pluck up the courage to ask her out, but he is still too nervous and fails.

Barney is very disappointed and talks to Jake in the fitness studio about what happened. Jake immediately has got the perfect solution. He suggests that Barney and Zola should join him and Tamsin for a visit to a dance-club the next Saturday. The only thing that Barney has to do is to ask Zola.

With the help of Tamsin he manages to ask Zola in the school the next day.

On Saturday evening Barney comes to Jake to choose what to wear. Jake lends Barney some fashionable clothes so that he will make a good impression on Zola. After this Jake shows three bottles of vodka, which he has stolen from his father. Again and again he persuades Barney to drink with him to overcome his nervousness. Then the girls arrive and Jake persuades them as well to drink vodka.

So when Jake, Barney, Zola, and Tamsin arrive at the disco, Barney and Zola are already drunk, although they are not used to alcohol.

Barney and Zola continue to drink vodka. In the course of the evening only Tamsin knows her limit and tries to make everything right. The other three drink too much and cannot be controlled. Because of the alcohol Jake is totally aggressive and the other two become ill.

The consequence is that Jake is arrested, because of fighting and drunkness. Zola is already taken to a hospital, because she drunk too much.

Barney, who left the disco drunken, is run over by a car.

In my opinion, the play would like to show that we all have to know our limits. The really important point is that you should never do things, for example, drinking alcohol, only because someone tells you to do this.

I think that the play also would like to express that you need real friends at your side. 

Jule Urbschat, Kl. 9b

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